PLEASE NOTE: The scholarship application deadline was 9/6/19 at 11:59pm. You can still submit an application, however there is no guarantee that funds will be available. 

You must complete this form in its entirety as well as upload supporting documents. The form and supporting documentation must be complete in order to successfully submit the application. A separate application must be submitted for each student applying for a scholarship.

You will be required to create a Submittable account which will allow you to save your form as a draft, upload documents and check the status of your application. 

If a scholarship is granted, regardless of the amount, the student will be expected to:

  1. Write at least three (3) thank you notes within the first 10 weeks of the semester to donors who make conservatory scholarships possible. 
  2. Participate in curtain speeches at select performances during the theatre's Access to the Arts campaign.
  3. Participate in all end of year or end of semester performances. 
  4. Volunteer up to five hours each semester (upon request) at select conservatory events such as open houses or performances. 
  5. Maintain regular attendance to and demonstrate satisfactory progress in (as determined by their instructor in consultation with the director of education) all classes they are enrolled in. If other activities might preclude regular attendance, please discuss this with the director of education in advance. If a student drops out for reasons other than health or extenuating circumstances, families will be asked to pay back the amount awarded. This requirement allows us to assure that families and individuals accepting financial support are making their studies at the conservatory a priority.

Any special circumstances that will result in non-compliance with the above should be brought to the director of education’s attention as soon as they occur.

Please email with any questions.